Together with the community at large, we build our own future. 

It is not your charity, but  your solidarity and friendship that have the power to give us hope and help us find our own way into freedom and dignity.


Ahora / Now

Antes / Before

Seguimos construyendo nuestros sueƱos.

We keep building our dreams.

A safe place we can call home,

a secure job so we can feed our family,

access to health, education, and opportunities to succeed.

What are your dreams? 

Are your dreams any different?

Sin Fronteras Migrant and Refugee Shelter, Sonoyta

Pueblo Sin Fronteras also coordinates two migrant shelters in Sonora --in one of the most violent and exposed border zones in the country-- which provide food, a roof, and humanitarian assistance to hundreds of people each month. We just open another small shelter and community dinner in Tijuana. We have built community organizing campaigns against the separation of families in the United States and against police violence, among others.